Skvortsova Liliya

At the al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Skvortsova Liliya will defend her dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) on the topic: «Association between polymorphisms of genes encoding the antioxidant enzymes and cardiovascular disease development in Kazakhstan population» 6D060700 - Biology.

The dissertation was performed at the laboratory of molecular genetics "Institute of Genetics and Physiology" CS MES RK.

Form of defense - dissertation work

Language of defense - Russian                

Official reviewers:

1. Ismagulova, Gulnara – сandidate of Biological Sciences, Head of the Genome Laboratory, RSE "Institute of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry named after M. Aitkhozhin "KN MES RK. Specialty 03.00.04 – Biochemistry .

2. Zholdybayeva, Elena – candidate of Biological Sciences, Head of the Laboratory "National Scientific Laboratory of Biotechnology for Collective Use" of the "National Center for Biotechnology" CS MES RK. Specialty 03.00.06- Virology.

Scientific supervisors:

1. Djansugurova Leyla Bulatovna – candidate of biological sciences, professor of KazNU named after al-Farabi (Almaty, Kazakhstan);

2. Henry Jay Forman - PhD, Professor, Davis School of Gerontology, University of Southern California (Los Angeles, USA).

Temporary members of the Dissertation Council:

1. Akilzhanova, Ainur R – MD, PhD, Head of the Laboratory of Genomic and Personalized Medicine, Leading Researcher at the Center for Life Sciences, Astana National Laboratory, Nazarbayev University (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan).

2. Iskakov Bulat Kudaibergenovich – doctor of biological sciences, professor, Head of the protein and nucleic acids laboratory (Almaty, Kazakhstan).

3. Skiba, Yuriy– сandidate of Biological Sciences, General Director of the branch of the "National Center for Biotechnology" SC MES RK (Almaty, Kazakhstan).

4. Bulgakova, Olga– PhD, Acting Associate Professor of the Department of General Biology and Genomics, L.N. L.N. Gumilyov (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan).

5. Sikhayeva, Nurgul S – PhD, senior researcher at the "National Scientific Laboratory of Biotechnology for Collective Use" of the Republican State Enterprise "National Center for Biotechnology" of the CS MES RK (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan).

6. Panin Vladislav – PhD, Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Texas A&M University (College Station, USA).

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Publication date :  3/25/2022