Trade union committee

Chairman of trade union Parasat - Mekebaev Talgat Kumargalievich

Тел. 377 35 55 вн.1199

Тел. 377 35 25 вн.1109


Vice-Chairman - Lozhnikova Olga
Lead Specialist - Umbetzhanova Elvyra
Lawyer - Ryskaliyev Daulet 
Accountant - Borisova Lubov

Оffice manager-Nusip Laura

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Public Association "Professional Union Parasat workers Kazakh National University. Al-Farabi is a voluntary, self-governing, non-profit voluntary association. Carries out its activities in education and in other industries in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the applicable law and the Charter of the association. Activities of trade unions based on the principles of voluntariness, equality, justice and activism of its members.
The union has a separate property on its own balance sheet, settlement and other bank accounts in the Republic of Kazakhstan, printing, stamps and letterheads with its name in Kazakh and Russian languages, as well as the logo.
Activities of trade unions is based on an open basis, and creates an indefinite period of his activity. The main task of the trade union is involved in determining working conditions, they are: the valuation of labor, the definition of conditions of remuneration, provision of health and safety, to determine the conditions and collective bargaining in order to protect labor, economic and social rights of workers, participation in decision-acts of the employer on determining the conditions of workers in general, participation in labor disputes, consideration of appeals of union members, work-related, legal, financial and other financial assistance to members. Given the characteristics of the scope and legal status of union members, the task is to form a trade union and professional development of the personality of the subject of educational activities based on national and universal values
​​of science and practices, civic education and patriotism.
Given the current situation, the union has been actively involved in efforts to develop ways to optimize the structural units of the university, in the disciplinary commission to prevent corruption-action by university staff in developing measures to prevent unnecessary job cuts and undue delay and nonpayment of wages.
In carrying out its objectives, the trade union involved in labor disputes in the normalization of their employees, provide safety and health, is involved in the protection of labor, social, economic and legal rights of workers, consider the appeals of union members, work-related, and also provides legal , material and other financial assistance to members.